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· Tearful Closing for China Pavilion in Shanghai

· Shanghai World Expo to Be Remembered Forever

· Wen Declares Shanghai World Expo Closed

· China Holds Closing Ceremony for Shanghai World Expo

· Full Text of Shanghai Declaration of World Expo 2010

· Secretary-general Remarks at Summit Forum

· Full Text of Premie Wen's Speech at Summit Forum

· Shanghai World Expo Wins Worldwide Applause

· Shanghai Expo Memorable for Canadian Visitors

· Visitors Shatter Expo Records

· Nation's Pavilion Highlights Progress

· Chinese Show Strong Interest in Outside World at Expo

· Chinese Photo Exhibition Kicks off in Nepali Capital

· Top Legislator Meets Moroccan Parliamentary Official

· Top Legislator Meets Libyan Guest

· Top Legislator Meets Albanian President

· Top Legislator Meets Central African Republic President

· Expo Shanghai 2010 Made History

· Expo Shoots the Moon During Festival Events

· Shanghai Tobacco Ban Catches Fire

· Shanghai Expo Different 100 Days After Opening

· Solar-powered Robot Cars on Silk Road to Oriental Expo

· Students Use Holiday to Cash in on Expo

· Holiday Ticket Distribution Discussed

· Quake 'Heros' Visit Shanghai World Expo

· Shanghai World Expo Attendance Hits 30 Mln Mark

· Chinese Students Win Trip to South Pacific Region

· Children's Painting Exhibition on Shanghai Expo Opens in Bangladesh

· Giant Pandas Make Group Debut at Park

· 20 Robots Show Dance Moves at France Pavilion

· Ritz Adds More Glitz to Pudong

· Shanghai Expo Receives over 8 Mln Visitors in 1st Month

· Germany Promotes Car-sharing at Shanghai Expo

· UAE Issues Stamps on National Pavilion at Shanghai Expo

· Few Buyers for Pricey Stamped Passports

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