The China's Poverty Alleviation Day has been observed every year since 2014, to raise public awareness to the need. Poverty reduction remains a priority of the Chinese government, after the country became the first to meet the United Nations' target of halving its poor population. China aims to lift the remaining 50 million people out of poverty by 2020, through support for industry, education, employment, medical care and etc. 中文报道>>

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WB congratulates on China's awards for poverty alleviation

To mark the third China Poverty Alleviation Day falls on October 17, China issues the 2016 National Awards for Poverty Alleviation, a top-level honor to officially recognize those who excel in fighting poverty, today.

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Why poverty alleviation has become more difficult in China
China has lifted more than 700 million people out of poverty since the 1970s.

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