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Intelligent service robot serve clients in snacks bar in Chengdu, capital of southwest China's Sichuan Province, Dec. 14, 2014.
Robot-themed restaurant in Chengdu
Zhang Xin enjoys sport very much, often participating in events for handicapped people.
An artificial limb technician's life
American hostage Peter Kassig who was killed by Islamic State (IS) militants. In a video uploaded to social networks, a black-clad militant with his face concealed stands before a severed head that he says is that of Kassig's.
American hostage killed by IS
The compass, known as 'luopan' in Chinese, was widely used in astronomy, geography, military affairs, navigation and geomancy in ancient China.
Traditional hand-made Wan'an Compass
Photo taken shows a new couple in wedding dress from E China's Zhejiang Province climbing on the cliff for wedding photos on October 26, 2014.
Wedding photos taken on the cliff