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A baby polar bear gets caught up in a piece of rope

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The adorable images show the polar bear cub tangled in a piece of rope and tumbling about in the snow.

This is the hilarious moment a baby polar bear got itself a little tangled while playing with a piece of rope.

Pictured rolling around in the snow, the images show the cute cub with its paws in a bit of a twist, as Daily Mail reported.

Spotted on the icy plains of Kaktovik, Alaska, the mischievous bear began playing with the chord after noticing it floating near the water's edge, the report said.

Captured chewing and pulling on the rope, the loveable bear spent over half an hour trying to escape from the rope while its mum took a nap nearby.

The poor cub had almost reached the end of its tether when its sibling noticed it was in a spot of bother and stepped in to help. The cub was pictured helping to untangle the other before the pair enjoyed what seemed to be a game of tug of war.

The magical moment was spotted by wildlife photographer, Michael D. Stern, 70, who even managed to snap the pair wrestling with the rope and even playing a friendly tug of war.

During an intensive seven day trip, Michael spent eight to ten hours on the ice photographing the bears, waiting for the perfect moment to capture his images.

Michael said: "The bears were totally enjoying the experience, especially the tug-of-war when they both had the rope.

"They were certainly entertained with the rope, it became a new found toy for them.

"I believe they were aware of my presence, I was in a boat at the time but they were only around 100 feet away from me.

"It was an incredibly special moment for me to see the polar bears interacting like this in the wild, it is something I will never forget."

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