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More than 70% of netizens want New Year's Eve off

China Daily, December 8, 2014 Adjust font size:

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More than 70% of netizens want New Year's Eve off

A screen capture of Sina Weibo's survey on the scheduling of the New Year's holiday. [Photo/Sina Weibo]

As of 10:40 am on Dec 8, more than 1.6 million Internet users have participated in the survey conducted by Sina Weibo on the subject.

1.22 million (75%) of users voted for "from Dec 30 to Jan 2", 31,995 (19.6%) users voted for "from Jan 1 to Jan 3" and 8,734 (5.4%) users voted for "it doesnt' matter."

Sina Weibo user Catfox in boots: The Spring Festival is not a spring festival without New Year's Eve.

Sina Weibo user shellyShanshan: I wish the holiday lasted all the way until Jan 15.

Sina Weibo user Shoujindenghuayouyixiao1971: I support not including New Year's Eve as part of the holiday. That way, we could actually get an extra day off.

Sina Weibo user CokeloverXiaoshu: I support from Jan 1 to Jan 3. Any companies that care about its employees would give at least a half day off on New Year's Eve.

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