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More than 70% of netizens want New Year's Eve off

China Daily, December 8, 2014 Adjust font size:

Experts'take on the poll results is mixed.

"If the holiday starts on Jan 1, it will affect those who work in places other than their hometown. These people assume decent positions and are well educated. But, for those who work locally, if the holiday starts on Jan 1, they will get an extra half-day off (referring to the fact that most employers allow their employees to leave early on New Year's Eve)," said socialist and tourism expert Liu Ximin.

In Liu's opinion, the start date of the New Year's holiday does not matter that much for the 200 to 300 million migrant workers, who get their Spring Festival break nearly 40 days ahead of the New Year.

"If we look at the big picture, this change of scheduling is not so significant," Liu said.

This opinion is refuted by others.

Cai, who leads the research team that studies holiday reform, said people should get the day off on New Year's Eve because of its "cultural significance".

"According to our tradition, New Year's Eve is important because it is a day we reunite and get together with our family members. Many places in China also host traditional activities on that day. If we start the holiday from Jan 1, we are denying our tradition, so to speak."

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