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World Initiatives
· UN Urges for More Ambitious Action to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emission
· Climate Talks More Urgent After Copenhagen
· EU Incoming Trade Commissioner Say No to Carbon Tariffs
· Germany to Invest 2 Bln Euros in Climate Research
· Forest-saving Project Presented at Copenhagen Talks
· UN Says It Will Reduce Green Gas Emissions
· Sydney Pioneers to Expand Green Vehicles Network
· Wind Energy Can Meet 65% of Tabled 2020 Emissions Cuts by Rich Nations
· IEA Calls for 'Strong Signal' to Promote New Investment for Clean Energy
· Mexico Launches Plan to Use Energy-saving Bulbs
· To Pollute or Not to Pollute, That Is a Question for California
· Brazil Establishes National Climate Change Fund
· US Billionaire Wants More SDRs from IMF for Climate Change
· 1st Carbon Index Launched for Emerging Markets
· Mexico's Largest Cement Company Makes Commitment to Tackling Climate Change
· Greenpeace Activists in Rome Urge World Leaders to Strike Binding Deal Against Global Warming
· Nigeria to Build Ozone Village for Climate Change Impact
· US Government Announces More Support for New Energy Projects
· Bangladeshi Scientists Urged to Help Withstand Global Climate Change
· UIC: Rail to Be Foundation of Green Transportation
· Nepali Congress President Stresses on Environment Protection in Himalayas
· Nepali Cabinet Meeting on Top of World Concludes with Everest Declaration
· Nepali Cabinet Meeting on Climate Change Kicks off on Top of World
· India to Reduce Carbon Emission by 20 to 25% by 2020
· Africa to Use Climate Change for Sustainable Development
· Vietnam Calls for International Assistance in Coping with Climate Change
· ADB to Tap US$700 Mln to Combat Climate Change
· Leading Int'l Financial Institutions Commit to Fight Against Climate Change
· Singapore to Cut Emissions Growth by 16% Below Projected 2020 Level
· Nepal Prepares Status-paper for Copenhagen Climate Summit
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COP15 Introduction Agenda
The COP15 conference is the 15th Conference of the Parties under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It is co-organized by the Danish Government. The conference will run for two weeks from December 7-18.

Key Issues / 3 Major Stances

>>Causes for Climate Change

>>From Rio de Janeiro to Copenhagen
· Climate Change 'Takes Toll' on Grain Harvest
· Carbon Trade a Test for Gov't, Business
· Pakistani Expert: Blaming China of Foiling Agreement on Climate Incorrect
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