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Happy Smiles / by Zhang Yunyun, April 9, 2013 Adjust font size:

Project Title: Happy Smiles

Project Initiator: China Population Welfare Foundation, Alliance for Smile

Background and Introduction of the Project:

In several remote and impoverished regions of China, plenty of children with cleft lip and palate syndrome cannot afford the corrective surgery due to their families’ financial circumstances. These children and their families are suffering from great pressure and social discrimination in life, study and work. Because of the poor economic conditions, lots of children miss the optimal moment to have their facial deformities treated during infancy.

“Happy Smiles” is a charitable publicly beneficial program launched by the China Population Welfare Foundation in 2002. The mission of this program is to help the impoverished children with cleft lip and palate syndrome to have corrective surgery for free through funds-raising, so they can happily smile again.

This program’s four features are as follows:

Quality first - this project pays great attention to the quality and safety of the surgery. According to the different conditions of each child with cleft lip and palate syndrome, a unique individual treatment plan is designed through group discussion and team work.

Superb medical skills - this project invites leading international orthopedic experts, anesthetists and professional nurses to perform the surgery.

Humanistic care - doctors and nurses treat the patients as family.

International volunteers - sincere and honest foreign volunteers take their love and care to the patients and their families in the remote and impoverished regions of China.

Contact Information:

Add: Dahuisi Road No.12, Haidian District, Beijing, China 100081

Tel: 010- 62179002




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