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Program of Happiness - Helping Impoverished Mothers / by Zhang Yunyun, April 8, 2013 Adjust font size:

Project Title: Program of Happiness - Helping Impoverished Mothers

Project Initiator: China Population Welfare Foundation, China Family Planning Association and China Population News Agent

Introduction of the Project:

The “Program of Happiness - helping impoverished mothers” has been established in 1995. Centered on “Out of poverty, ignorance, and illness,” this nationwide project aims to help impoverished mothers in family planning families across poor areas to improve their economic situation and lead them down a road of more prosperity through different methods such as the designating of microcredit, directly to the person in need, and other measures to relieve their poverty.

Some measures have been taken in order to help impoverished mothers climb their way out of poverty, such as providing small amounts of credit to individuals and offering them employment opportunities. The program helps impoverished mothers increase their families’ incomes and improve their economic and social status.

To obtain the “out of ignorance” goal, village-level mother schools were set up and a variety of training classes were organized. The program tries to eliminate illiteracy among impoverished mothers and encourages them to study scientific and cultural knowledge, obtain several practical techniques and better understand reproductive health care.

In order to help these mothers fight illnesses the program provides examinations and treatment for common women’s diseases, offering reproductive health care services.

Contact Information:

Add: Dahuisi Road No.12, Haidian District, Beijing, China 100081

Tel: 010- 62179002



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