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Guizhou's ecological migration for poverty alleviation project started in 2012, and it plans to relocate as many as 1.03 million residents living in the remote areas, mountainous areas and stony diversification areas of Guizhou province to towns and cities, with convenient transportation, and good education and living conditions.
Ecological migration plan to bring a better life
- Forum hails China's human rights progress
- Salary hike guidelines set for Xinjiang
- 4 development modes to create Tibet's future
International Co-ops more
China's premier is expected to reaffirm the country's willingness to share its experience and provide help in the global battle against poverty.
Tackling the causes of hunger
- Hunger worsens in Philippines: survey
- Child poverty in Philippines on the rise: study
- Ending poverty needs better data, measurement
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The State Council Information Office held a press conference on Tuesday to launch the first National Poverty Alleviation. Official data showed the number of poor people in rural areas across China stood at nearly 99 million at the end of 2012. China's poverty line is equivalent to less than one US dollar a day and still lower than the World Bank level of 1.25 US dollars a day.
Development Experience more
Fujian Glory Society allocated 500,000 yuan ($8200) to Pingnan county, Fujian province in 2013 to help poor villagers.
Pingnan puts efforts into rural poverty alleviation
- Rebuilding life of ethnic minority people displaced by poverty
- 'Leisure agriculture' booms in China
- China unveils policies to revitalize northeast
Micro Credits more
Zhang Guiyun, 53, was once a common housewife in rural Yanglin County on the outskirts of Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. In 2000, she moved into the city to chase after her dream of starting her own garment shop.
Growing Success with Micro Credit
- Chinese women get 180 bln yuan micro-financing
- China boasts 8,000 micro-credit firms
- Harbin Bank HK IPO to raise funds for micro loans
Poverty Relief Projects  
China's Poverty Relief Projects
China's Poverty Relief Projects
- Heifer China Program
- Child-friendly Schools
- Solar Hot Water System Installation Program
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Born in 1971, Tong Lihua enjoys a reputation for his devotion to his job as a public interest attorney. For the over past 15 years, Tong and his team have provided free legal assistance to over 430,000 minors, migrant workers and women in need, effectively solving social conflicts that might have led to more serious problems.
Tong Lihua: legal assistance to needy people
As barefoot social work gets more attention, one of the biggest improvements has been a change in the status of those caring for rural kids. Though barefoot social work is still not recognized as a bona fide profession, the workers are getting more plaudits.
Highlighting rural China's "barefoot" social workers
China will step up efforts to purchase and store grain and build more granaries as its grain output rises, according to an official statement on Wednesday.
China to shore up grain purchase, storage
China has decided to impose a cap on top executives' salaries in the State sector as part of its reform drive against the controversial group. Although it has not been decided how steep the cuts would be, it is certain that the actions and incomes of the fat cats would be more closely scrutinized.
Making salary reform a success
Beisicun (North Four) Village outside Beijing's North Fifth Ring Road has become a new cluster of inexpensive residences for fresh college graduates, after the Tangjialing Community, a shanty town formerly located in the area, was dismantled in 2010.
'Ant tribe' grads in Beijing fight their way up
In the past three decades, China's development has pulled a staggering 680 million people out of poverty. It did so through a dramatic increase in access to modern energy, mostly powered by coal, which has led to terrible outdoor air pollution in Chinese cities, not to mention making China the world's premier carbon dioxide emitter.
Fight poverty to reduce pollution
Special Coverage  
Poverty Reduction in Rural China
Microcredit Fuels the Chinese Dream
Micro Credits Through a Lens
A Snapshot of Global Poverty Relief Efforts
Poverty Relief Through a Lens
Poverty Reduction Photo Gallery
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