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Internet, our future driver

China Daily, November 21, 2014 Adjust font size:

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Netizens to propel Internet forward

China's economy has entered a "new normal", which features innovation rather than investment as the driving force of growth; that creates an opportunity for the Internet economy. To effectively turn the Internet economy into a driving force for the national economy, China needs to promote innovation, and create a free, tolerant environment for its Internet enterprises, so that they grow rapidly and catch up with their leading global counterparts., Nov 19

China's IT consumption is expected to exceed 3 trillion yuan ($520 billion) by 2015, according to official data. That will not only bring enormous opportunities to the main sectors of the IT industry, but also accelerate upgrading of traditional manufacturing and the service sector, thus propelling the nation's economic development during the transformation period.

The Economic Observer, Nov 20

The World Internet Conference said that people should be at the center of both the traditional and the mobile Internet. China has 640 million Internet users and 530 million mobile broadband users, and it is they that are supporting the prosperity of the Internet. That's essentially why the conference opens in China., Nov 20

A basic rule about the Internet is innovation decides everything. China is a latecomer in the Internet world, but enterprises such as Tencent, Sohu and Alibaba, which have found the right way to unleash its potential, are catching up with their global competitors. Moreover, unlike those that rise and fall almost overnight, they have the support of China's huge market, which has ample potential to make them world leaders., Nov 20

Quite a few successful Internet entrepreneurs attended the conference and their stories faithfully recorded the development history of the Internet in China. With the development of the mobile net, a generation of younger entrepreneurs have started their business, running after their dreams. The future belongs to those with most innovative ideas and Chinese entrepreneurs are ready to embrace it.

Nanfang Daily, Nov 19

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