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Command of English 'holds key to better job'

China Daily, October 30, 2014 Adjust font size:

People wanting more career chances and a higher salary should make a determined effort to study English, according to a report released on Wednesday.

It shows that a higher proficiency in the language leads to better career development in China.

This, in turn, has led to an increased demand for overseas study tours by Chinese professionals taking management positions.

Half of the 300 respondents from companies, governments and publicly funded organizations said a more proficient grasp of English means that an employer will provide an employee with better job opportunities.

The report was conducted by English-language training organization EF Education First, which is based in Switzerland, and Chinese human resources service provider

Thirty percent of the interviewees who completed the questionnaire said they would reply to their boss in English if the employer started the conversation in that language.

The report shows that people born in the 1980s showed more proficiency in English, scoring 4 percentage points higher on average than other generations.

Although those born in the 1970s are generally weaker in English proficiency, their chances of getting better job opportunities because of their ability in the language are still 4 percent higher than other generations.

EF experts say this shows that the lack of proficiency in the language will become a barrier to promotion, especially for post-'70s generations.

Professionals proficient in both Chinese and English are in high demand in the finance industry, according to the 2014 China Salary Report compiled by human resources service provider Randstad.

Rena Tan, associate director of the marketing department at global employment consultancy Robert Walters Asia, agreed that candidates who can speak Chinese and English fluently are very hard to find in the Chinese job market.

If candidates are proficient in both languages, they will get satisfactory job opportunities and better pay, Tan said.

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