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Guangzhou gears up clone taxi crackdown

China Daily, October 23, 2014 Adjust font size:

Guangzhou has launched this year's biggest crackdown on "clone" taxis this year, destroying a total of 178 cabs with fake license plates on Wednesday, Guangzhou Daily reported.

"These illegal cabs are hateful," said Zhang, a cabdriver who witnessed the demolition. "They not only grabbed our customers, they made them start to question our service."

Most of the clones were modified from older, out-of-use vehicles and have the same exterior as legal cabs. These imposters are known to take detours and unnecessary routes in order to charge more money.

Responding to complaints about clone taxis, the city confiscated and dismantled 445 illegal vehicles this year. Guangzhou transportation officials said they will strengthen supervision on key areas such as the airport and railway station during peak hours and weekends.

Residents are welcome to report the clone cabs by dialing 96900.

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