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Save professors from corruption

China Daily, October 14, 2014 Adjust font size:

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Chinese colleges have long been blamed for being bureaucracies, in which those with official titles have almost unlimited power. The higher the rank, the more research funds the person controls. All supervision mechanisms have proven in vain against power in this hierarchical system. To end college corruption it is necessary to get rid of the bureaucracy first.

Professor Yang Yusheng, a member of Ministry of Education Academic Morality Committee,, Oct 11

Research burns money, it is not uncommon for one single program to involve over 100 million yuan ($16.3 million) nowadays. However, the management of research funds is still done the traditional way, with researchers paying the costs and then submitting a claim for reimbursement. As a result, financial staff often face piles of receipts, which are rather difficult to check. Why not introduce an electronic financial system to close this loophole?, Oct 12

As the youngest Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Li Ning is an excellent researcher, widely renowned for his academic ability. His case is only the tip of the huge iceberg of college corruption in China. Many ask why Chinese scientists cannot get the Nobel Prize; corruption is the answer.

Laoyu Commentary, via Sina micro blog, Oct 11

Researchers who obtained illegal profits should, of course, pay for their crime, but we need to look deeper for the reason for their corruption. Professors and researchers do not get high salaries in China and many of them turn to research funds to raise their living standards. The income mechanism of college faculties needs reforming to prevent corruption.

Southern Metropolis Daily, Oct 12

Whenever a researcher gets honorary titles, such as that of academician, he will be treated specially by the college he serves and the supervision against his power relaxed. Such unsaid privilege is not honor, but a kind of poison that can spoil them, Li's case should be a warning to all renowned scholars., Oct 11


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