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Be With the Old to Eternity by Ai Guanxiong, October 14, 2014 Adjust font size:


A happy old couple living in Happiness Homeland [File photo]

Ding Yulong is not satisfied simply by Happiness Homeland’s sound operation – he wants to establish some lasting mechanisms to maintain the retirement home’s long-term operations.

The first step was to ensure funding. The annual 500,000-yuan maintenance fees are paid by the interest on his deposits.

The second step was to build a vegetable garden to guarantee a supply of fresh vegetables. This year, Ding Yulong rented 10 acres of land to plant greens to provide fresh produce to the Happiness Homeland’s canteen.

The third step was to plant a forest to provide fuel. Haojigou village set aside a 200-acre plot for Happiness Homeland’s use. Its staff can cut down trees there to burn for fuel, while they economically maintain the forest and raise sheep there for the residents’ meals.

The fourth step, which is the most remarkable one, was that Ding Yulong made up his mind to grow old with the elderly for the rest of his life.

This retirement home mainly benefits families with elders in their homes, especially migrant workers. Ding Yulong has influenced the surrounding people with his love and generosity, improving the social atmosphere and encouraging people in this village to be kinder. His deeds have given new hopes and dreams to people living in poverty and have encouraged cadres to be more dedicated to their duties and make more contributions to society.


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