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China Supports Growth of Social Organizations

Xinhua News Agency, October 24, 2013 Adjust font size:

China is to further support the development of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), social groups and various foundations by simplifying administrative procedures and improving supervision.

An official of the Ministry of Civil Affairs' social organization bureau said on Wednesday that the plan announced in March to transform government functions required reform to the administrative system of social organizations.

The strength of social organizations has been constantly enhanced to supplement government roles, execute social policies and provide various social services, a statement quoted the unnamed official as saying.

Social organizations in China has grown fast over the past two decades, with the number reaching about 506,700 by June 2013. The number included 273,000 social groups, 230,000 NGOs and public institutions and 3,713 foundations, statistics from the ministry show.

More than 12 million people work for China's social organizations, according to the ministry.

Simplifying application procedures has lowered the threshold for establishing such groups, and streamlining administration has provided ample space for their development, said the official.

Supervision over social organizations has been stepped up. Nearly 1,300 cases of their law and regulation violations were dealt with in 2012, according to the statement.

"Transformation of government functions should be accelerated" by transferring some public services to social organizations in order to give full play to social force in public affairs administration, the official added.

He also stressed the need to "equalize privately funded social programs and public ones," especially in the fields of medical services, education, culture, public fitness campaigns and community services.

More preferential tax policies will be granted to social organizations in order to spur their growth, he further vowed.

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