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Science Park Builds Tech Transfer Center

China Daily, September 16, 2013 Adjust font size:

As China's first national new and high-tech industrial zone, Beijing's Haidian Science Park is ambitious to become the center for global technology transference in China.

The park is located at the center of Zhongguancun National Innovational Demonstration Zone that is known as China's Silicon Valley.

During the Seventh Session of Zhongguancun Forum, an annual meeting that opened on Thursday at the National Convention Center in Beijing, more than 300 participants including policy-makers, technology companies, scholars and lawyers joined the Haidian parallel session to discuss the trend of global technology commercialization and transference market.

With China's growing need to access new science and technology skills and knowledge worldwide to boost its economic transformation, global technology transference is becoming crucially important.

Relevant topics on technology transference, such as big data, financial support and transnational patents access, were discussed. Eight key representatives from China, US and Europe gave speeches.

During the past two decades, Haidian Science Park has become a key incubator of high-tech domestic companies and also attracted many global technology companies, including more than 40 research and development centers from the top 500 global companies.

"Based on the rich experiences in domestic and international technology transference, we will endeavor to build the Haidian Science Park innovative and key technology transference center in China," said Meng Jingwei, deputy director of Haidian District.

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