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Nearly 20,000 Chinese Language Schools Worldwide

Xinhua News Agency, August 5, 2013 Adjust font size:

There are nearly 20,000 Chinese language schools across the world, educating millions of students, a government official revealed Saturday.

Teachers in these schools number over 100,000, Qiu Yuanping, head of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, said at a ceremony held to welcome 4,000 young Chinese who were born overseas and are visiting Beijing to get in touch with their roots.

The youngsters are from 55 countries and regions and have been convened by the Chinese government to participate in a five-day "root-seeking summer camp," according to Qiu.

Qiu said there are 50 million overseas Chinese spread over 170 countries and regions, adding that it is they who have helped to establish Chinese language schools and carried Chinese culture forward.

Chinese has become the second-most used language in the world and the office will invest more to support Chinese language education, said Qiu.

State Councilor Yang Jiechi attended and spoke at the ceremony.

During the summer camp session, participants will visit famous scenic spots like the Great Wall and watch performances featuring traditional Chinese art and culture.

The government has regularly organized similar camps to help young overseas Chinese become more familiar with their ethnicity.

Nearly 30,000 young people from around the world participate in the camps each year.

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