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A University in Its Move to Contribute to Diversity of Civilizations – An Interview with President of Beijing Foreign Studies University Peng Long

China Today by Zhang Hui,January 10, 2018 Adjust font size:

The Arrival of a New Era

China Today:The 19th CPC National Congress captured worldwide attention. How did BFSU’s foreign teachers and students respond to the significant congress? How do they view China’s achievements over the past five years?

Peng Long:They showed different degrees of interest in the event. In general, foreign students and experts with higher academic degrees attached more importance to the congress. Many of them use the word “amazing” to describe China’s achievements over the past several years, which are embodied in landscapes of major metropolises, more convenient transportation, and convenience brought by technical innovations, like bike sharing, WeChat, and Alipay.

They have shown more concern to China’s policies and resolve on anti-corruption, coping with climate change, and development of renewable energy. Someone remarked that largely due to the CPC’s leadership, China has solved so many big problems. Sometimes they also lamented that due to some reasons, their own countries, under their unique political systems, could not have attained what China has achieved. They showed admiration towards China’s incredible progress. On the whole, I feel China’s bright development prospect has become much clearer to our international teachers and students. 

China Today:How do you see the significance of the 19th CPC National Congress to BFSU’s teaching and research work?

Peng Long:As China enters a new era, it’s inevitable for the country to readjust its relationship with the world. With consideration to the overall situation in China and the world at large, the CPC has proposed a range of new thoughts, new strategies, and tasks, which is of great significance for China’s foreign language education.

In modern times, China’s foreign language education practitioners have spearheaded China’s endeavor to learn about the outside world. In the early years of the People’s Republic of China, they shouldered the historical mission of introducing the world to China. Today, a new task comes upon us to present China to the world. Therefore, through foreign language education, we’ll contribute Chinese wisdom and provide Chinese plans to the world in addressing issues faced by all humankind. 

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