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Survey: 90% of overseas students return to China /, December 30, 2014 Adjust font size:

According to a recent report by, the biggest human resources service provider in China, about 90 percent of overseas students come back to their home country after their studies to work.

Among the overseas students, graduates in computer science, machinery and biology have better opportunities to work overseas. However, most overseas students choose to major in finance, commercial management or language and culture related courses.

Graduate employment is a global issue. In some European countries, companies hiring foreign employees even need to pay higher tax. And for overseas students, obtaining a work visa can be extremely difficult.

Therefore, some experts believe with increasingly fierce competition, having an overseas educational background does not help candidates to get better job opportunities.

"Studying overseas just widens students' horizons and makes them more independent and better at dealing with people," said Jian Sihuai, CEO of

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