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Hong Kong court rejects protesters' bid to appeal against injunction order

Xinhua, November 15, 2014 Adjust font size:

The Court of Appeal of the High Court of Hong Kong on Saturday refused Occupy Central protesters' bid to appeal against an injunction which allows Hong Kong's police to assist bailiffs to clear the barricades in occupied areas of Mong Kok as well as their request to stay the injunction order.

The high court on Monday ruled that police could assist bailiffs to clear the barricades in shopping district Mong Kok and vehicle entrances of a commercial building in Admiralty, extending the injunctions issued on Oct. 20 for the second time. The order was firstly extended on Oct. 27.

The injunction order was obtained by taxi and minibus drivers who said their businesses are being affected by the protests, which have blocked sections of some of Mong Kok's main roads since the end of September.

The Occupy Central protesters asked for leave to appeal the court order on the grounds that the drivers' groups failed to show they had sustained substantial damages to ask for the injunction order.

High Court Judges said they found the trial judge was correct to rule that the road blockages in an area of "as busy as central and Mong Kok" would cause the professional drivers who earned their living from public transport services to suffer.

"We see no reasonable prospect of persuading the court on appeal to take any view other than that there is a serious issue to be tried regarding the plaintiffs' actual and potential damage, " the judges wrote.

Judges then dismissed protesters' application.

Several main roads in the busiest sites of Hong Kong have been occupied by protesters for over seven weeks. Endi

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