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Nepal's CPN-Maoist faction warns of launching armed insurgency again

Xinhua, November 15, 2014 Adjust font size:

A leader of a faction of Nepal's CPN-Maoist party on Saturday threatened to start another round of armed insurgency should it be excluded from the country's political process.

CPN-Maoist was formed in 2012 after splitting from the UCPN ( Maoist) party which had launched a 10-year long violent insurgency from 1996 to 2006.

The CPN-Maoist faction led by party secretary Netra Bikram Chand said they would go for revolution if mainstream parties continue to bypass them in the overall political process.

At a press conference after a secret meeting of the party, Chand said the party needs its own army and organizations to fight for the welfare of the people.

"The state has already raised the weapons so it would be legitimate for us to launch revolt for establishing people's rights," Chand said. Endi

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