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Issues remained to be solved on air pollution control

CRI, October 30, 2014 Adjust font size:

A new report about air quality delivered to this week's meeting of the National People's Congress Standing Committee is suggesting there is still a significant lack of local government response to air quality concerns.

The report shows that around three-quarters of all complaints delivered to the Ministry of Environmental Protection last year had to do with air pollution.

But of those, only 12 percent were put forward by local governments.

As such, the NPC Standing Committee is putting forward a plan to better document air quality concerns.

This involves putting new monitoring standards in place.

Shen Yueyue is the vice chair of the NPC standing committee.

"There are currently a lack of consistent standards for each region when it comes to controlling the air pollution. There are few standards when it comes to things, such as the quality of gasoline, the standards for what qualifies as a pollutant and energy costs. And the supervision and measuring systems for regional pollution is substandard."

The same report is also calling for a serious crackdown on polluters and the creation of a better supervisory system to monitor local governments.

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