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Condition of Spanish Ebola patient worsens

Xinhua, October 10, 2014 Adjust font size:

The condition of Teresa Romero, the Spanish nursing auxiliary who was confirmed three days ago as the first person outside Africa to be infected by the Ebola virus has deteriorated in recent hours.

This was confirmed by Yolanda Fuentes, the Sub-Director of the Carlos III Hospital where the patient has been receiving treatment since late on Monday.

Fuentes explained she had been "forbidden from giving more information," but that Romero's "clinical situation" had "got worse."

Meanwhile, the patient's brother, Jose Ramon Romero, explained to Spanish TV network La Sexta (Channel 6) that his sister was suffering problems with her lungs and needed assistance in breathing.

He added that Teresa was being treated by a team of 14 doctors, who were considering trying another medicine in order to try and save her life.

Romero is currently being treated with a serum made from the blood of a former Ebola patient who survived the disease.

Work has continued as to disinfecting places such as the rooms in the Alcorcon Hospital where Romero had been after developing symptoms of the virus.

The flat where Romero and her husband live in Alcorcon has also been disinfected.

Meanwhile, the doctor who attended Romero in Alcorcon has also complained that the protective suit he was given was inadequate for the job. "The sleeves were too short all of the time," said Dr Juan Manuel Parra, who is one of those under observation in the Carlos III.

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