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Statistics of Mainland-HK Trade and Economic Cooperation in January-February 2012, September 19, 2014 Adjust font size:

I. Mainland-HK Trade

Mainland-HK trade in January-February 2012 amounted to US$37.64 billion, up by 0.4% year on year, accounting for 7.1% of Mainland’s total foreign trade value, of which, US$35.58 billion was Mainland’s export to HK and US$2.06 billion was import from HK, up by 0.1% and 6.8% respectively. In February, Mainland-HK trade was US$19.39 billion, up by 6.2% month on month. The Mainland’s export to HK was US$18.5 billion, up by 8.3% compared with that of the previous month; and its import from HK was US$0.9 billion, down by 22.4% compared with that of the previous month.

II. Investment from HK

In January-February, 2012, 1,359 HK-invested projects were approved by the Mainland, down by 12.3% year on year. The actual use of HK capital decreased 4.5% year on year to US$10.22 billion. During February, there were 715 HK-invested projects approved by the Mainland, up by 11.0% from a month earlier. The actual use of HK capital was US$4.67 billion, down by 15.9% from a month earlier. By the end of February, the accumulated number of HK-invested projects approved by the Mainland was 337,639 with the actual use of US$536.93 billion. In terms of actually utilized capital, HK capital accounts for 45.3% of Mainland accumulated foreign capital.

III. Mainland-HK Economic Cooperation

During January to February, the number of contracts for contracted projects and labor service cooperation reached 4, with the contract value of US$4.5 billion. The turnover amounted to US$0.36 billion. By the end of February, the total number of labor dispatched to HK was 23,648, and the accumulated turnover reached US$41.91 billion.

(Source: Ministry of Commerce Website)

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