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Dog killer detained after owner appeal

Shanghai Daily, July 29, 2014 Adjust font size:

A dog dealer who poisoned three dogs was detained by police in Qingpu District in Shanghai for theft, after a 10-day search for the owners of the animals paid off, officers said yesterday.

Police said the dead pets owners were the only ones who could prove the suspect’s guilt and seek a criminal penalty for him.

One owner saw a microblog appeal and came forward.

The dealer, surnamed Chen, was seen to be behaving suspiciously on July 17 while riding a scooter in Qingpu.

When police approached to question him, he attempted run away but was soon caught. Officers discovered the bodies of three dogs in a bag.

Chen told police that he saw a dog walking alone while riding from Jiading District to Qingpu District and decided to kill it.

He threw a poisoned chicken bone he’d prepared in advance on the ground, which the dog began eating. Presently, it collapsed and was taken by Chen.

Using the same method, Chen killed another two dogs before being caught by police.

Although Chen was caught, officers couldn’t detain him unless a dog owner could prove he had stolen their pet.

An officer posted the story on his microblog account, seeking the public’s help. One owner saw this and came forward.

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