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Heroic students given Gaokao extension

CRI, June 9, 2014 Adjust font size:

China's Ministry of Education says it will arrange a separate Gaokao for Liu Yanbing and Yi Zhengyong, two high school graduates in east China's Jiangxi province, who missed the college entrance exams after they were injured while trying to stop a knife attack on a bus.

Liu Yanbing, a high school graduate in Yichun, east China's Jiangxi province, receives treatment in hospital after sustaining injuries for trying to stop a knife attack on a bus in the city of Yichun on May 31. [Photo/Sina]

The two students, who are receiving treatment in hospital, will be allowed to take the Gaokao exams specially arranged for them after they have recovered from their injuries, according to media reports.

Some universities have offered to enroll Liu Yanbing for his heroic deeds.

The Gaokao takes place on June 7 and 8 every year in China.

Liu and Yi sustained multiple injuries while trying to stop a knife-wielding man from attacking passengers on a bus in the city of Yichun on May 31. Liu snatched the knife from the man after the alleged assailant injured five people. The suspect was arrested two days later.

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