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Beijing subways to get 4G coverage

China Daily, May 27, 2014 Adjust font size:

Beijing will bring fast 4G Internet connections to all of its subways by the end of July.

Beijing subways to get 4G coverage.[File photo]

Beijing subways to get 4G coverage.[File photo]

Passengers will have access to 4G networks on the platforms, in the carriages, at the entrances and in the tunnels, Beijing MTR Corp said on Monday.

It said some metro lines, such as Line 4 and Line 9, recently introduced the latest global mobile standard as the city vows to upgrade its network and infrastructure.

Cheng Yue, a 26-year-old Beijing resident, was looking forward to the 4G coverage.

"Most homes and offices now have Wi-Fi access, and the subway is where people are still unable to easily surf the Internet," she said. "I'll even consider getting a 4G smartphone for the experience."

Zhang Zhuting, a professor at the Ministry of Transport's Management College, said 4G networks in the subways would help make commuting more efficient.

"So many people commute daily in the capital. Providing a better Internet network will certainly make the travel time more enjoyable for them," he said.

More than 7.93 million subway trips were made on Sunday, according to the Beijing MTR Corp and Beijing Subway.

Zhang said the 4G coverage on the metro might also boost the development of Beijing's fourth-generation telecommunications services.

4G reached China late in 2013, and many public places are not yet covered by the networks.

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