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Chinese capital ranks 41 for livability as air pollution worsens

Xinhua, May 10, 2014 Adjust font size:

Beijing ranked the 41st out of 294 Chinese cities in terms of their livability due to worsening air pollution in and around the city, a latest research report said.

The report, issued by the National Academy of Economic Strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, was based on evaluations of nine factors including living conditions, city harmony and cultural competitiveness, said Saturday's China Daily.

Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Haikou, all located in southern coastal areas, ranked on the top of the list, the report said.

Air pollution has been troubling China's big cities. Last year, more than 100 cities saw an average of 29.9 smoggy days, a 52-year high.

According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, several of the ten worst cities in terms of monthly air quality last year were in Hebei Province surrounding Beijing.

High housing price is another unfavorable factor for Beijing, the report said. The average price for newly built houses in Beijing was more than 30,000 yuan (4,820 US dollars).

Shanghai, another metropolitan in east China, ranked the 10th, according to the report.

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