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China firmly on path of peaceful development

Xinhua, April 30, 2014 Adjust font size:

China's commitment to peaceful development was once again on full display when visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the Korber Foundation in Berlin last month, presenting China's views on history and development among other subjects.

"The path of peaceful development will benefit both China and the world at large. We can not find any reason not to stick to the way that has been proven right," Xi said in clearly stating the country's beliefs while addressing his German audience.

Since its reform and opening up, China has surprised the world by successfully lifting hundreds of millions of its people out of poverty. It is now ready to strive for another miracle -- growing stronger peacefully and sharing the benefits with the world -- with sincerity and confidence.

The so-called "China threat" is completely unfounded. It is a fabrication rooted either in deep-seated prejudice or in a lack of proper understanding about the rapidly developing Asian nation.

Speaking of the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation, the president said China needed both internal stability and a peaceful international environment to realize that goal.

"Only by following the path of peaceful development and safeguarding world peace with all other countries, can China realize its own goal and make more contributions to the world," he said.

Calling China a peace-loving country, Xi explained the pursuit of peace and harmony was "in the blood of the Chinese people."

Indeed, such a path is a historic choice China has made on the basis of both its history and the trend of the times. The Chinese people have had enough of wars and conflicts, and the world yearns for peace and development.

"China will neither seek development at the cost of other countries' interests, nor pursue success by harming its neighbors," was the commitment Xi made in his speech, adding Beijing would share its wisdom and experience in peaceful development with the outside world.

While focusing on developing its economy, China has never forgotten to share the benefits with both developing and developed countries. Its markets, investment, products, technology and workforce provide huge resources and opportunities for the world. China-Europe ties and cooperation serve as a good example of win-win interaction.

Those whose minds remain stuck in zero-sum games need to face reality and recognize that, in an increasingly interconnected world, there is no such thing as "winner takes all."

Interdependence among countries across the world has made mutual benefits more attainable and win-win cooperation the most viable option.

Against such a background, a stronger China is by no account a threat of any kind. Instead, it is an opportunity for peace and development for the world.

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