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Lunar Probe Boosts 'Chinese Dream'

Xinhua News Agency, December 3, 2013 Adjust font size:

China's space exploration will not stop at the moon, however. Its target is deep space.

As the starting point for deep space exploration, a lunar probe is significant because it can offer strategic resources, carry out vacuum, microgravity and low magnetic field tests, observe space and monitor Earth's environmental change... Many of these are Chang'e 3's tasks.

China's space exploration does not aim at competition.

The country is open in its lunar program and willing to cooperate with other nations. China hopes to explore and use space for more resources to promote human development.

Crucial technologies, however, cannot be bought. China should rely on itself to build an innovative country.

Happily, more than 80 percent of the technologies and products used for the Chang'e-3 mission are newly developed.

With advanced equipment and better capacities, Chang'e-3 will contribute more to man's knowledge of the moon.

Reaching for the moon has been a long cherished wish for the Chinese nation since ancient times.

The lunar probe mission therefore carries the space dreams of the Chinese nation and its people.

This deep aspiration, which pursues peaceful use of space to benefit humankind, will not only serve China's own population but also contribute to space exploration for the human race.

The space dream, a source of national pride and inspiration for further development, is part of the dream to make China stronger and will surely help realize the broader Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.

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