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Poverty Eradication, Social Inclusion, Full Employment Should Be Promoted in Social Development

Xinhua News Agency, October 9, 2013 Adjust font size:

Poverty eradication, social inclusion and full employment should be promoted in an integrated manner in the field of social development, a Chinese envoy said on Monday.

China's deputy permanent representative to the UN Wang Min made the statement when addressing a meeting of the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly on the subject of social development.

He noted that the world economy is gradually moving out of crisis and toward recovery, but the negative impacts of the global financial crisis still linger on.

"International cooperation for development is at a crucial juncture of transition, which has brought fresh opportunities to countries in their endeavor for social development," he said.

The Chinese ambassador also pointed out that practical measures should be taken to further protect vulnerable groups.

"In the post-crisis era, vulnerable groups such as the elderly and persons with disabilities find themselves in even worse situations and poverty in rural and remote areas has deteriorated," he said.

Therefore, national governments should "incorporate the elderly, persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups in their overall planning for socio-economic development, and enable them to become contributors and beneficiaries of social development."

The envoy also called on the international community to expand the support for developing countries in the field of social development, as "developing countries face many challenges including lack of finance and technology."

"Developed countries should provide effective support for developing countries' effort in improving their people's livelihood," he said.

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