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Chinese Hi-tech Firms Urged to Advance IC Technology

Xinhua News Agency, September 13, 2013 Adjust font size:

Chinese technology companies were urged to make greater efforts to innovate and enhance the nation's integrated circuit (IC) sector.

More efforts should be made to boost innovations in technologies, mechanisms, management, as well as the sector's business mode so as to make it stronger, Chinese Vice Premier Ma Kai said.

The vice premier made the remarks on Thursday during visits to several Beijing-based companies, including Baidu and China Datang Corporation.

He said that the industry is the basis for developing other emerging industries of strategic importance and promoting the integration of information technology and industrial development.

He added that the IC industry also serves as an important guarantee for China's economic transformation, restructuring of the information industry, expansion of information consumption and national security.

Integrated circuits, often called chips or microchips, are used in electronics, including computers, mobile phones and other digital devices.

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