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Points System Widens Education Options to Non-locals' Children

Xinhua News Agency, June 19, 2013 Adjust font size:

Children of non-locals can apply for Shanghai high school and higher education places under a new points-based initiative.

Those whose parents have accumulated enough points under the Shanghai residence permit evaluation can sit entrance exams for local high schools, colleges and universities.

The new evaluation takes effect on July 1.

Up until now, children of non-local residents could only attend kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools and vocational schools in Shanghai.

The evaluation system is based on a basic level of points which parents can add to, depending on factors such as qualifications and work. Points can also be lost.

For example, parents from high education backgrounds earn 110 points.

Those who work in important developing areas in suburban districts can have up to 20 points, while a parent with a special technology certificate will be granted 140 points.

According to the new regulations, children whose parents' points reaches 120 points can attend entrance exams for local high schools, colleges and universities.

However, only those who have studied at local high schools can take college entrance exam.

Non-locals who did not adhere to the birth control policy in their hometown or committed severe crimes cannot apply for the point evaluation.

The new residence permit comes about after central government asked each city and regional government to help non-local children study in the city where their parents work.

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