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Latest News
Top Planner: Pressure on Economy Increasing
Chinese Ambassador Calls for Realism in WTO Trade Talks
China May Raise People's Income
Powerhouse 'on Track' for Double-digit Growth
Public Views to Be Sought for Oil Reforms
Views on Proposed Fuel Tax Sought
Half of Beijingers Against Debit Card's Fees
Beijing's Bad Loans on the Rise
Chinese Exporters Warn Against Imminent EU Anti-dumping Duties
Shandong Feels Pinch of Global Financial Meltdown
Grain Production Set for New High
Vice Premier: Global Slowdown Has Bigger Impact on China Economy
Shell Agrees to Annually Sell Natural Gas to PetroChina for 20 Years
China to Establish US$439 Mln Fund for Troubled SMEs
China Vows Quality Work in New Investments
Mainland Helps Boost HK Prosperity
Foreign Brands Win Bid in China Rural Household Appliance Project
China to Raise Individual Income Tax Threshold Soon
Individual Investors Allowed to Trade Au99.95-category Gold
Shanghai Gov't Boosts Stimulus Plan
China to Remove Export Quota on Cocoons, Silk Threads
China Opens New Free-trade Harbor Area to Boost ASEAN Trade
Chinese, Peruvian Presidents Vow to Boost Trade Ties
Chinese Minister Calls for APEC Rejection of Protectionism
China, Peru Issue Joint Press Communique on Strategic Partnership
Beijing Property Prices Show Downward Trend
China's Inbound Visitors Decrease amid Global Crisis
Global Car Giants Bet Heavily on China
China to Overhaul Dairy Industry
Daily Cross-Straits Flights Set for December 15
China to Reform Oil Pricing Mechanism in 20 Days
China to Further Increase Tax Rebate for Light Industry
China to Cut 19 Bln Yuan in Administrative Fees to Boost Economy
Beijing Airport Reports Slow Passenger Growth
Senior Official Urges Effective Reform of Int'l Financial System
He Urges Tighter Supervision over Implementation of Economic Policies
Global China Business Meeting Opens in Barcelona
Private Companies Strategize to Survive Global Financial Crisis
Sports Facility Industry Races Ahead Despite Financial Turmoil
Garment Factories Struggle to Survive
3,770 Export Items for Tax Rebate Announced
Financial Storm Brings on China's 'New Deal'
FM: Hu's Participation at G20 Summit Bears 'Practical Significance'
China Banks Remain Strong Amid Global Financial Crisis
China's Central Bank Official Warns of Inflation Risk
Mainland to Assist Taiwan Investors Against Financial Crisis
'World's Factory' Confident of Tackling Global Financial Crisis
Chinese Premier Calls for Support of SMEs
China Cement Exports Down Drastically in 1st 8 Months
G20 Summit 1st Joint Step to Tackle Global Financial Crisis