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Full text of China's Policy Paper on Latin America and the Caribbean(3)

Xinhua, November 24, 2016 Adjust font size:

(6) Manufacturing Cooperation

China will support its strong enterprises to participate in major resources and energy development projects and infrastructure construction projects in Latin American and Caribbean countries and, using these projects as the basis, to build production lines and maintenance service bases in the region for construction materials, non-ferrous metals, engineering machinery, locomotives and rolling stock, electric power and communication equipment, with the purpose of reducing costs for resources and energy development and infrastructure construction in Latin American and Caribbean countries. China will encourage its enterprises to go to Latin American and Caribbean countries to carry out cooperation in such fields as automobiles, new energy equipment, motorcycles and chemical industry, which will cover the whole industrial chain, so that the two sides can complement each other, increase local employment, upgrade the level of industrialization and promote local economic and social development. Based on the business-led and market-oriented principles, discussions will be held on the joint construction of industrial parks, logistics parks, high-tech industrial parks, special economic zones and other industrial agglomeration areas, so as to help Latin American and Caribbean countries in their industrial upgrading. Exchanges and cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises of the two sides will be encouraged by building relevant platforms and creating good environment for them.

(7) Agricultural Cooperation

Efforts will be made to encourage enterprises on both sides to actively engage in agricultural trade, push for further exchanges and cooperation in agricultural science and technology, personnel training and other fields, deepen cooperation in livestock and poultry breeding, forestry, fishery and aquaculture, and jointly promote food security. China will continue to set up and improve agricultural technology demonstration programs, promote the development and demonstration of modern agricultural technologies, and enhance agricultural technology innovation, agricultural production and processing capacity and international competitiveness on both sides. Bilateral mechanisms for agricultural information exchanges and cooperation will be improved while giving full play to the role of the special fund for China-Latin America agricultural cooperation, and more agricultural cooperation projects are encouraged.

(8) Scientific and Technological Innovation

China will actively explore the expansion of its cooperation with Latin American and Caribbean countries in high-tech fields such as information industry, civil aviation, civil nuclear energy and new energy, to build more joint laboratories, R&D centers and high-tech parks, support innovative enterprises and research institutions on both sides to carry out exchanges and cooperation, and promote joint research and development. China will encourage dialogue and exchanges between scientific and technological talents on both sides, and support more outstanding young scientists from Latin America and the Caribbean to come to China for short-term scientific research.

(9) Space Cooperation

China will actively explore cooperation between the two sides in such fields as communication and remote sensing satellites, satellite data application, aerospace infrastructure, and space education and training, and promote space technology application in disaster prevention and mitigation, agricultural and forestry monitoring, climate change and other fields. China will pay full attention to the role of space technology as a driving force for the scientific, technological and industrial development of Latin American and Caribbean countries, and promote sustainable development in science and technology and the economic fields.

(10) Maritime Cooperation

China will actively explore cooperation between the two sides in marine science and technology, marine ecological environment protection, marine climate change, marine disaster prevention and mitigation and other fields, and carry out marine economic development in accordance with local conditions, so as to promote the development of maritime affairs between the two sides.

(11) Cooperation on Customs and Quality Inspection

Exchanges and consultations between customs and quality inspection departments from both sides will be strengthened, to promote trade security and facilitation, and ensure product quality and food safety. China will advance the implementation, negotiation, or signing of cooperation documents with Latin American and Caribbean countries regarding customs administrative assistance, animal and plant products quarantine access, etc. Active steps will be taken to carry out cooperation and exchanges on customs capacity building, trade facilitation, capacity building, goods trade statistics, and standardization.

(12) Cooperation Between Trade and Investment Promotion Institutions and Business Associations of the Two Sides

China will deepen its cooperation with trade and investment promotion institutions and business associations in Latin American and Caribbean countries, and facilitate, by making use of relevant mechanisms and platforms for bilateral and collective cooperation, exchanges between enterprises of the two sides, so as to achieve win-win cooperation.

(13) Economic and Technical Assistance

Based on full respect for the will of related countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, and in accordance with China' s financial capacity and level of economic and social development, China will continue to provide economic and technical assistance to Latin American and Caribbean countries without attaching any political conditions and, in accordance with the needs of related countries, gradually increase the scale of assistance within its capacity. China will innovate the assistance model, giving priority to human resources development, development planning, economic policy consulting and training, infrastructure construction, agriculture and food security, poverty reduction, climate change and humanitarian assistance.

3.In the Social Aspects

(1) Social Governance and Social Development

China is ready to conduct exchanges and cooperation with Latin American and Caribbean countries on strengthening and innovating social governance, to share and learn from each other' s experience in governance, jointly promote the modernization of governance system and governance capacity, continuously enhance the level of socialization, rule of law and refinement of social governance, and ensure social stability and order, as well as long-term national stability.

Efforts will be made to promote further exchanges and cooperation in social development areas such as social welfare and social assistance, strengthen policy sharing, and promote and realize practical cooperation in providing services and assistance to special groups such as the elderly, the disabled, and children, as well as urban and rural disadvantaged groups.

(2) Cooperation on Environmental Protection, Climate Change and Disaster Reduction

China will further develop and consolidate its cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and other relevant mechanisms, and actively promote consultation, exchanges and project cooperation to cope with the climate change. China will deepen policy dialogue, information sharing, experience exchange, capacity building and technical cooperation in the fields of water resources planning and utilization, ecosystem protection, river-lake management, disaster reduction and relief, and Hippophae rhamnoides cultivation. Efforts will be made to promote the establishment of regular multilateral and bilateral meeting mechanisms between relevant departments of the two sides.

(3) Poverty Reduction Cooperation

China will promote dialogue and exchanges in fields such as poverty reduction, hunger elimination, and narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor, by sharing information on poverty identification as well as experience concerning targeted poverty alleviation. China will engage in technical cooperation to enhance capacity building for poverty reduction, and promote the formulation of economic and social policies in favor of the poor and disadvantaged on both sides. Efforts will also be made to encourage and support high-level exchanges between relevant departments of the two sides, and hold the China-Latin America Poverty Reduction and Development Forum in a timely manner.

(4) Health Cooperation

China will expand exchanges and cooperation in disease control, regional or global epidemic diseases, and response to public health emergencies. The Chinese side will continue to help Latin American and Caribbean countries train medical personnel and improve medical facilities, send medical teams to these countries, and stand ready to provide assistance within its capacity for the prevention and control of sudden outbreak of infectious diseases. (more)