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Quotable quotes from UN General Assembly's special meeting in commemorating all victims of WWII

Xinhua, May 6, 2015 Adjust font size:

Following are the quotable quotes from the Special Solemn Meeting of the UN General Assembly in Commemoration of All Victims of the Second World War, which was held here Tuesday.

"We emphasize history not for extending our hatred but to call on people to respect peace and hold on to peace." "Only by remembering the scourge of war can we cherish the value of peace." "China's war of resistance against Japan collaborated and supported the war efforts of the allied powers and in support of the action in European and Pacific battle fields, which is of great strategic significance." -- Liu Jieyi, the permanent representative of China to the United Nations.

"The Second World War brought untold sorrow to humankind. Its scope and loss of human life and property were unprecedented." " The war touched all continents and peoples, sparing no one from pain and suffering." -- Yashar Aliyev, the permanent representative of Azerbaijan to the United Nations.

"Wars are not only fought on the front lines and trenches. There are millions who were supporting the war effort from behind the scenes, just as heroically as our soldiers." "All countries that were impacted by the Second World War, suffered irreparable losses with grief inflicted in every family. Those scars and wounds persist today through the loss of millions of loved ones who are deeply mourned." -- Kairat Abdrakhmanov, the permanent representative of Kazakhstan to the United Nations.

"We urge the members of the United Nations to recommit themselves to studying the lessons of the past and to adhere to peaceful settlement of conflicts around the world. That commitment is the best way to pay a tribute to those that had fought for liberty and freedom." -- Tigran Samvecian, the deputy permanent representative of Armenia to the United Nations.

"The scourge left by the Second World War in Asia remains unremoved even 70 years after the war. Japan, an enemy state and a defeated state that had occupied Asian countries during the war and committed unimaginable crimes against humanity, has not yet made recognition, apology and reparation for its crimes in a clearly convincing manner." -- An Myong Hun, the deputy permanent representative of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to the United Nations. Endite