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Seven-day classic tour route in Fujian / by Yang Yuewei, November 25, 2014 Adjust font size:

Fujian is blessed with a rich history and beautiful natural landscapes, which make it a unique tourist attraction. With year-round warm weather and a humid climate, Fujian is hospitable for travelers in all seasons. However, it is not yet a popular spot on many visitors' itineraries.

Day 1: Pingtan Island (平潭岛)

Floating on the East China Sea, Pingtan Island enjoys a growing reputation as a rustic getaway with scenic spots and savory local seafood dishes. It is China's fifth largest island and is also Mainland China's closest point to Taiwan.

Transport: Arrive in Fuzhou City by plane, train or car first, and then take a coach from Fuzhou Passenger Station to Pingtan.

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