Science & Technology

3G Licensing to Be Unveiled Soon
China Develops New Regional Aircraft for High-end Int'l Market
Chinese Scientists to Cut Chemical Residue in Milk
25th Research Team Arrives at Zhongshan Station
Feng Yun-3 A Satellite Starts Trial Business Operation
Chinese Scientific Research Ship Anchors at Port Louis
China, US to Collaborate on Solar Energy Technology
Survey: Chinese Basic Scientific Knowledge on Rise
Moon Surface Map Unveiled
Nature Publishes Scientists' Work on Mapping Chinese Genome
Information Official: China-based Blogs Exceed 100 Mln
China's Space Industry Takes off
China Puts 2 Satellites into Orbit
Airshow China Opens with Star Exhibit of Home-built J-10 Fighter
Large Aircraft Program Targets at 150-seat Model 1st
Chinese Software Standard Approved by Int'l Consortium
Chinese Jumbos Cleared for Takeoff
China Expected to Open Tendering for 1st Moon Rover
Science a Driving Force for China's Modernization
Qin Dahe Awarded Top Meteorological Prize
Advanced Materials Summit Opens in Tianjin
Senior Official Urges Overseas Chinese to Help Build Innovative China
Chinese Scientists Win Gates Grants
1st Foreign-funded Crop Research Center Opens in China
China Successfully Launches Research Satellites
2nd Chinese-Brazilian Satellite Fulfils 5-year Mission in Orbit
Chinese-made Regional Jet Launched for Domestic Commercial Flight
China Needs to Spend More on Basic Science Research
Lighting Companies Increase Tech Input
China to Set up Its 3rd Antarctica Base
Chinese Spacewalker's Space Suit on Display
More than 80% of Urban Chinese Minors Are Internet Users
84.5 Mln Chinese Uses Mobile Phones to Surf Internet
Vice Premier Urges Anti-seismic Engineering Innovation
New Rice Hybrid Grows on Salty Lands
Chinese Researchers Record Porcine Handmade Cloning
China to Launch FY-4 Weather Satellite Around 2013
Scientists Complete Sequencing Giant Panda Genome
New Generation of Passenger Aircraft Makes Successful Flight
Chinese-led Research Team Creates Bionic Gecko Feet
Aircraft Service Center Opens in Shanghai
1st Chinese Produced Regional Jet to Make Maiden Flight
Scientists Start Studying Samples from Shenzhou-7
Chinese Telecom Companies Ordered to Share, Co-build Infrastructure
Rare Herbal Plants Aboard Shenzhou-7 Spacecraft Studied
China Posts Nearly 24% Growth in Telecom Business in 1st 8 Months
China Telecom Plans Multi-billion Dollar Upgrade of CDMA Network
Plan Calls for Hi-tech Marine Economy
China Urged to Cultivate Research, Talent
China Calls on Officials to Do Their Utmost to Back Scientific Development