2016 China Poverty Reduction International Forum Agenda

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Guest Registration

Session 1: 9:00-10:35 Opening Ceremony & Experience Sharing


Opening Remarks

Zhou Mingwei, president of China International Publishing Group


Keynote Speeches (10 min/person):

Guo Weimin, Vice Minister of State Council Information Office;

Hong Tianyun, Deputy Director of LGOP;

Wang Xiaohui, Chief Editor of China.org.cn


Launching Ceremony of Global Poverty Reduction and Inclusive Growth Portal (GPIG)


Keynote Speeches (8 min/person)

Bert Hofman, World Bank's Country Director for China, Mongolia and Korea

Niels Knudsen, UNDP Assistant Country Director, Team Leader for South South Cooperation

Irene Bain, Social Sector Specialist, PRC Resident Mission, Asian Development Bank


GPIG Future Plans Introduction

Gladys H. Morales, Program Poverty Think Tanks Coordinator


Chinas Poverty Reduction Experience Sharing:

E-commerce Poverty Alleviation

Sun Lijun, Vice President of Alibaba Group;

Poverty Alleviation through Logistics

Chen Haida, Board Chairman of Ada Technology (Beijing) Ltd.,Co.

Coffee Break: 10:35-10:50

Session 2: 10:50-12:10 Panel Discussion & Local Practice


Local Practice and Experience Sharing 


Panel Discussion: China’s Poverty Reduction Experience Sharing Under the SDGs Framework

Host: Zuo Changsheng, Director General of IPRCC


Yu Fei, Senior Economist & Head of Regional Knowledge Sharing Initiative, PRC Resident Mission, Asian Development Bank

Dr. Suguru Miyazaki, Senior Representative of JICA China Office

Dr. Kas Murshid, Director, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies

Liu Wenkui, Secretary General of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation 

Bai Chengyu, Secretary General of China Association of Microfinance

Li Guoxiang, Researcher of Rural Development Institute of CASS


Closing Remarks