Clinic Expert Defends His Internet-addiction Claim in Face of Criticism
Half of Prostitutes in Beijing Unaware of Condoms' Benefits
Workers for Nagqu Logistics Center Enjoy Free Medical Care
China to Hold Healthy Living Exhibition in 2009 in Shanghai
China Shifts Reproductive Health Care Spending as Part of Stimulus Plan
US Food, Drug Regulator Opens 1st Overseas Office in Beijing
Ministry: 12% Urban Chinese Youngsters Overweight
China Recalls Problematic Intravenous Needles
China's New Medical Reform Plan Likely to Be Issued This Year
Food Poisoned Patients Recovering in E China
Beijing Pharmacies Restrict Cold Medicine Purchase
S China's School Lifts Quarantine After Cholera Outbreak
Traditional Chinese Medicine Entering Global Markets
Survey: Majority of Chinese Journalists 'Sub-healthy'
81 Students Sickened in Suspected Food Poisoning in Shaanxi
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Chinese Drug Authority Halts Production at Drug Company Citing Contamination
Medical Firm Doing Very Well in China
China Could Set August 8 as National Fitness Day
Hainan Reports 51 Cholera Cases
7 More Cholera Cases Reported in S China
Three Hospitals Rapped for Illegal Organ Transplants
Traditional Chinese Medical Therapy Adds to Austrian Hotel's Popularity
Official: Cholera in S China Now Contained to Just 1 City
UNAIDS: Stigma, Discrimination Block China's Fight Against AIDS
22 Hospitalized in Cholera Outbreak
Fujian Bans Glucose Injection After Patients Fall Ill
Chinese Medics Sound Warning over Hospital-acquired Infections
High Energy Beams a Boost for Tumor Treatments
43 Students Sickened in S China
Beijing Children's Eyesight Getting Worse
Diabetes Threat to Rural People
Chinese Herbal Injection Recalled in Infant Death Probe
Lab Sees Advance in Bone-growth Effort
New Healthcare Reform Plan Criticized as 'Too Hard' to Understand
Recall Enforced on Deadly Herbal Injections
Health Investigation Underway at Kindergarten
China Public Health Emergency Cases Up, Death Toll Down This Year
Chinese Citizens up for Debate over Healthcare Reform
Medical Reform Draft Open to Public Debate
Awareness of Mental Health Urged for the Young
China Stops Sales of Suspected Herbal Injection
Infectious Diseases Claim 949 Lives in September
WHO Warns of Treatment Gap for Mental Disorders in Poor Countries
Experts: Cigarette Packets Should Have Picture Warnings
Herbal Injections Recalled After 3 Deaths
China Suspends Herbal Injection After 3 Deaths
Home Blood Pressure Checks Promoted
S China Island Province Boasts More than 1,000 Centenarians
Cheaper Test for Cervical Cancer to Benefit Developing Countries