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Premier Wen's Vows Build Momentum
Premier Wen Jiabao mapped out a conservative target for this year's economic development covering the growth rate of gross domestic product (GDP), bank lending and the consumer price index in his government work report to the third session of the 11th National People's Congress (NPC) that concluded Sunday.
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Premier Wen Reiterates Worries over China's Assets in US
Premier Wen Says Diplomatic Snub Against China in Copenhagen 'Still a Mystery'
Restrictions on Chinese Exports Hurt Foreign Businesses in China
Premier Wen Says Sino-US Relations Go Beyond Bilateral Scope
Chinese Premier Says US Responsible for Disrupted Ties
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China to Increase Imports, Promote Balanced Trade
Premier: HK to See Gradual Progress in Promoting Democracy Along with Economic Boom
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China's Juridical Organs Vow to Beef up Gang Crackdown in 2010
China Never Approves GM Seed Imports for Commercial Plantation
China Mulls Giving Rural Population More Seats
Food Safety Reforms Proposed
China to Improve Social Security for Disabled
Wen Calls for Redoubled Efforts in Poverty Reduction
China Pledges to Further Improve People's Well-being
Wen Vows to Curb Excessive Growth of Home Prices
China to Invest Massive Funds to Boost Employment
Wen Promises Continuous Increase in Rural Incomes
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Inflation Set to Stay Under Control
China's Exports on Track of Recovery, Challenges Remain
Economy Issue Tops Congress Meeting Agenda
China Says to Let Market Decide Future of Yuan Settlement
Forex Regulator Vows to Stem Hot Money Inflow
Hu Stresses Scientific Development of N China Economic Powerhouse
Tibet to Improve Infrastructure for Tourist Boom
Chinese Built Large Civil Copter to Make 1st Flight in March
Chinese Leaders on Transformation of Economic Growth Pattern
China to Further Improve Formation Mechanism of Yuan Exchange Rate
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Agenda of 3rd Session of 11th NPC
What Is the Legislative Process of the National People's Congress?
What Is the Legislative Process of the NPC Standing Committee?
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How Did the CPPCC Get Its Name?
What Is the CPPCC's Composition?
What Are the Primary Functions of the CPPCC?
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Premier Wen Jiabao Meets the Press

Stable RMB Aids World Economic Recovery
China's Top Political Advisory Body Concludes Annual Session
Chinese President Hu Jintao Talks with PLA Delegates
Environmental Tax to Be Levied
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Premier Wen Holds Press Conference After NPC Session Ends
Deputies Leave Great Hall After NPC Session Ends
China's Annual Parliament Session Holds Closing Meeting
Staff Wait to Welcome Deputies Prior to NPC Session Closure