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Tourists encouraged to say no to tip customs officials / by Gong Jie, March 17, 2017 Adjust font size:

Chinese embassy in Indonesia encourages Chinese tourists to say no to tips charged by customs officials.

In order to protect Chinese tourists’ legal rights, the Chinese embassy in Indonesia recently made a solemn representation before March 15 World Consumer Rights Day.

Chinese counselor Zhu Di expressed serious concern to Indonesian officials about Chinese tourists being charged tips at border checkpoints and crossings.

Zhu said the embassy received some complaints from Chinese tourists about being charged tips by Indonesian customs officials. “We hope that effective measures will be taken immediately by the Indonesian government to put an end to this phenomenon. We need to protect the legal rights of Chinese tourists and it is also in accordance with Indonesian interests,” said Zhu.

Three days later, the embassy warned Chinese tourists and encouraged them to say no when they are charged tips by Indonesian officials at border checkpoints and crossings.

An Indonesian immigration official said that they will pay close attention to the complaints from Chinese tourists and punish the related officials.

On March 10, a video sparked heated discussion online with many people in China complaining that they had been charged tips at border checkpoints and crossings. The 17 second video recorded the whole process of a Chinese tourists being charged tips by custom officials in Indonesia.

Many Chinese tourists face the same trouble when they travel in Southeast Asia. A Chinese tourist was even attacked after refusing to tip Vietnamese customs officials this February.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has made solemn representations with its counterpart in Vietnam and received feedback on February 15. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam promised to punish the related officials in the incident.

Chinese tourists are also encouraged to refuse to pay tips and seek assistance from the Chinese embassies if they are charged tips by customs officials.

Complaint hotlines for tips are open for Chinese tourists in Chinese embassies in Indonesia and Cambodia respectively. The Chinese embassy in Thailand also releases safety warnings to Chinese tourists regularly.

With the development of the Chinese economy, more and more Chinese tourists choose to travel abroad. Southeast Asia is a hot destination for Chinese tourists. However, they all face the same trouble: being charged tips by customs officials in these countries.

Therefore, consular protection is needed to protect their legal rights while they travel abroad. China is improving its consular protection for its citizens abroad and protecting their legal rights when they are blackmailed.

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