Working With World Bank

WB: China's Stimulus Policies Key for Growth in 2009
WB Boosts Support for Developing Countries
WB Maps Local, Global Economic Geography
WB: China Makes Remarkable Success in Poverty Reduction
Over US$1.1 Mln Awarded to 50 Innovative CSO Projects
Innovative Projects Showed in 2nd China Development Marketplace
WB Pledges Support, Denies Funding Plan for Asia
WB, IMF: Developing Countries Could Suffer Serious Consequences of Financial Crisis
WB Chief Economist: China Could Weather Through Financial Crisis
WB Global Food, Fuel Crisis Will Increase Malnourished by 44 Mln
WB: Multilateral System Needs Fundamental Overhaul Amid Current Financial Crisis
Impact of Global Financial Turmoil on China Limited
WB Loan Supports Inland Waterway Transport in Jiangxi
Wal-Mart Joins China Development Marketplace to Support Sustainable Development Projects
New Data: 1.4 Bln Live Below Poverty Line Worldwide
China to Improve Efficiency of Heating Services
Special Award to Support CSOs' Post-quake Reconstruction Activities
Gov't Clears US$5.4 Bln WB Loan
New Financiers Narrowing Africa's Infrastructure Deficit
Unsafe Abortions Kill Some 68,000 Women Annually
Grant Approved to Assess Environmental Impact of Wenchuan Quake
WB's Lending to China Focuses on Innovation
Developing Country Growth Resilient in Face of Financial Turmoil
Three WB Projects Target China's Energy Efficiency
WB to Help Reduce Urban Pollution in Han River Area
US$5 Mln Granted to China for Adaptation to Climate Change
WB: Global Output Totals US$59 Trl, Developing Countries Have Increasing Share
Share of Developing Economies in Global Output Rises to 41%
Rising Food Prices Threaten Poverty Reduction
WB: Progress Toward Development Goals Off Track
East Asian Economies Still Buoyant
WB to Help Protect Cultural Heritage in Gansu
Foreign Groups Laud Government Revamp
WB Approves US$100 Mln for Urban Water Management in Bengbu
Man with Mission Ready for World Bank
WB Seeks China's Joint Efforts in African Development
Urgent Need for Progress on Energy Efficiency in China, Brazil, India
China Hope Against Slowdown
China Shores up WB's Leading Role in Poverty Reduction
WB Names China's Lin as Top Economist
Macro Policy Challenges Remain, but Growth Prospects Robust
Reforms to Public Finance Key to Sustained Progress
WB Lends to Guiyang Highway Sector
Developing Countries to Cushion Rich-country Slowdown in 2008
Improvement Needed in Using Technology in Developing Countries
Premier: China to Continue World Bank Support in Helping Developing Nations
World Bank President to Visit China
WB President: Climate Action Can Work for Development
WB: Air Pollution Costs 3.8% of China's GDP
WB Calls for Broader Access to Finance