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New Career for Haigui

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This was not a phrase in common currency, certainly not on many tongues more than a decade ago. But many now use Haigui to refer to Chinese people returning to the country after studying or working overseas. Many initially left, drawn by the attractions of other countries. But many now return dazzled by what a fast-growing China has on offer.

Shanghai is one of the youngest ( Shanghai, as a city, was established in 1291) of China's big cities. This may be why it easily accepts new things, and even actively seeks them out.

Luo Qiyi was aware of that seven years ago. He moved here from North America to Shanghai and joined a company developing interventional and minimally invasive medical devices.

He already had eight years experience in the field.

Luo and his colleagues made it possible for China to produce the devices by itself.

Even though his family had settled down in the US, Luo didn't reconcile himself to the quiet and well-off life. But it wasn't easy to make the decision to return, either.

Luo Qiyi, Chief Technology Officer of Microport Medical said "First, I came to Shanghai alone, I told my neighbor (in the us) that I work in Shanghai now. He said it's a long long commute...I said yes, as a commuter, I come home once every two months."

Now the Luos are completely settled in Shanghai. Two years ago, Luo and his colleagues won the State Award for Technology Innovation. He's always proud to show the Award certificate to visitors.

Luo Qiyi said "You are so warmly welcomed, and you feel you are so important, and can do a lot of important work here.."

But that doesn't mean he's happy with everything.

Though he has complaints, Luo sees much more that's positive.

Microport has several/many Haigui. They are from various provinces, and studied in various countries.

Over the last 30 years, more than 70 thousand Haiguis have come to Shanghai, making the city the number one destination for those who have studied overseas.

(CCTV October 3, 2009)

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