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Alliance Steers Car Aficionados Into Charity

Nearly 20 of the city's car clubs have formed an alliance to help not only auto aficionados but also those in need.


On May 20, the alliance will take a group of sick kids on a tour of the city, said Zhang Jun, secretary general of the alliance, which covers about 50,000 members.


"We believe children will love going out in this way," Zhang said. He said 30 private cars will be used as transport with each car taking one child, a parent and a volunteer. The alliance is preparing an official Website on which other charity projects will be announced. It should go online next month.


Zhang said that because most car fans are aged between 25 and 42 who are "ambitious and energetic to do something for the society," they will want to get involved in charity work.


"The city has about 30 car clubs, with more than 50,000 members, but they never got in touch with one another," he said. "I believe it's a good idea to gather them together to do some good for other people."


(Shanghai Daily May 11, 2007)

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