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State's Efforts to Protect Wild Animals

State Administration for Industry & Commerce

January 12, 2006

State Administration for Industry & Commerce (SAIC), as market supervision and administrative enforcement agency, has mainly conducted the following activities in protecting wild animals.

I. Strengthen supervision and administration on business operators

Those who are engaged in selling, purchasing, domesticating and breeding, transporting wild animals under special state protection, should acquire approvals or administrative licenses from corresponding authorities. Those without licenses or approvals will be resolutely clamped down.

II. Strictly regulate related business behaviors

When purchasing, selling and processing wild animals, the operators should provide corresponding licenses and quarantine certificates granted by Animals Inspection and Quarantine Authority. Efforts in market supervision have been enhanced. For instance, Beijing Administration for Industry & Commerce has forbidden 'Wild Animals Dishes' placard advertisement in all restaurants. The Administrative Authorities for Industry & Commerce have made full use of '12315 Complaints-Reporting Network,' encouraging the public to uncover illegal behaviors. Severe measures have been taken to crack down on illegal wild animal hunting, selling and other business operations.

III. Carry out specialized rectification campaigns, cracking down on illegal behaviors

First, during each New Year and Spring Festival, the Administrative Authorities for Industry & Commerce at all levels will carry out specialized campaigns of market inspection. In these campaigns, rigorous control of illegal selling, purchasing of wild animals and their processed products will be one of the focuses, meanwhile rural trade fairs, urban super markets, hotels, restaurants will be the key targets. Second, the Administrative Authorities for Industry & Commerce work with the Authorities of Forestry, Public Securities, and Agriculture every year to carry out specialized rectification actions in protecting wild animals.

(China Development Gateway January 12, 2006)

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