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Families Keen to Save Energy

Most families in Shanghai are committed to saving energy, a survey conducted by local authorities has found.

The Shanghai statistics bureau surveyed 1,000 families, 98.5 of which considered it necessary to save energy and said they tried to stick to the principle.

Young families were found to have more appliances and said they used them frequently for convenience.

Nearly 90 percent of the surveyed families said they had installed energy-saving lamps, 31.9 percent had energy-saving appliances and 20.6 percent had water-saving appliances.

The survey said 92.6 percent of respondents turned off lights after leaving the room, 83.8 percent tried to minimize the use of air conditioners, 88.9 percent avoided wasting water and 44.9 percent turned off computers and TVs when they were not in use.

However, an investigation by the China Consumers' Association showed 40 percent of energy-saving lamps do not save power because they are in poor quality.

The 200 families who earned most spent 1.6 times more on water, energy and gas than the 200 poorest. Family members whose main salary earners were aged under 35 spent 325 yuan (US$43) on energy every month, 27 yuan more than those aged between 35 and 55, and 15 yuan more than those aged above 55.

In Shanghai, the average power consumption has doubled in the past 10 years, as living space has expanded and more electric appliances are being used.

At the end of 2006, an average 100 families owned 175 air conditioners, 179 TV sets and 104 refrigerators. Ownership of hi-fis, computers and microwaves has also grown.

(China Daily September 7, 2007)

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