ASEAN-China strategic partnership is crucial: Cambodian PM

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关键词:ASEAN-China strategic partnership is crucial: Cambodian PM

Cambodian Prime Minister SamdechTecho Hun Sen said on Tuesday that the strategic partnershipbetween the ten-country Association of Southeast Asian Nations(ASEAN) and China is very important and gives huge benefits toASEAN.

"The relations between ASEAN andChina have provided enormous benefits to ASEAN. Therefore, Cambodiaalways plays a coordinating role to ensure harmony in theASEAN-China relations," he said during the inauguration ceremony ofa national road in western Kampong Speu province.

He said that trade and investmentvolumes between ASEAN and China are huge and ASEAN has exportedmany kinds of products to Chinese market.

Also, he said millions of Chinesetourists have visited ASEAN countries every year.

Meanwhile, the prime ministerhailed China's foreign policy for treating friendly countriesequally, regardless of small or big.

"China is a country that alwaysrespects for the independence and sovereignty of other countriesand pays attention to assisting developing countries," Hun Sensaid. Endit