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Plan for Railway Spring Festival Transport

The Chinese Ministry of Railways has made out a transport plan for train travel during the Spring Festival of 2008. The plan is scheduled over the peak transport period of January 23 to March 2.

It is predicted that there will be some 178.6 million passengers taking trains over the 40-day period.

Officials said that due to the upward mobility of college students and migrant workers and people's improved living condition enabling them to travel more for leisure, there will be an increased number of travels during the holiday season.

More travelers will leave the city and converge on the rail network in the 15 days prior to the Spring Festival. Similarly, after the spring festival, lots of passengers will take reverse trains to their original point; this is similar to past years.

To ensure that migrant workers return to their hometown and back to large cities smoothly and on time, during the Spring Festival the railway department will kick off a special round-trip ticket scheme for them.

The ministry will arrange for 311 pairs of temporary trains to relieve pressure during the festival. It has also made preparations for increased transport security, ticket sales, railway supervision and disease control during the transport peak.

( January 3, 2008)

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